Child Support Enforcement

Many times, one parent will be ordered to pay child support to the other parent. However, just because it is ordered does not mean that the other parent will obey the order and pay the support. This could leave the parent to whom support is owed in a difficult financial situation, trying to provide for the child on their own.

There are some remedies that the Court uses for parents who are not paying the support that they owe. They may: garnish wages or income; seize assets, accounts, or certain settlements; take tax refunds; or possibly even prosecute the delinquent parent. The Court could also find the delinquent parent to be in contempt of the court orders, which could carry fines and / or imprisonment.  Whichever avenue the court chooses to take, the goal is the same: to get the money owed to the parent so that the child can be supported financially.

If you are owed money, or you owe money, reach out to a Family Law Attorney who can discuss your options with you and choose a course of action that is appropriate for your situation.


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