Grounds for Divorce

Rhode Island recognizes a few different grounds for divorce. These grounds fall into two categories: fault and no-fault. As the name suggests, fault grounds are based on the idea that one of the parties is at fault for the divorce. The grounds include: adultery, extreme cruelty, drug addiction, etc.

There is also the option to file for divorce on a no-fault ground. No-fault divorce in Rhode Island may also be known as irreconcilable differences. This allows a party to file for divorce without going into the details of the reason for the divorce or without blaming one party over the other.

However, even with a no-fault divorce, the court will still have to look at the evidence to determine whether or not there is any hope of the couple reconciling. If either party indicates that they may be able to work their differences out, the Court will likely not grant the divorce.

  • Marissa McGill



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